Gateball Open Tournaments


The 8th Asian Cities Invitational Gateball Championship in Hong Kong 

“Paniki White” an Indonesian female team won!

The 8th Asian Cities Invitational Gateball Championship in Hong Kong was held under the sponsorship of Hong Kong China Gateball Association from January 19 to 21, 2018 at Hammer Hill Road Sports Ground.


The total number of participating teams was 40: 8 from China, 6 from Chinese Taipei, 5 from Macao, 2 from Indonesia, 2 from Japan, 1 from Singapore, 1 from both Indonesia-Japan mix, and 15 from local Hong Kong.  280 players aged from 9 to 78 years old were there.

Mr. LEE Chun Wah, the chairman of Hong Kong China Gateball Association, making a greeting speech at the opening ceremony

Representatives of various countries and regions participating in the first-pitch ceremony

As the first stage, 8 groups of 5 teams played in the preliminary league round, and, as the second stage, top 2 teams from each group played in the tournament round.  The winning teams in the second stage tournament made up a Gold group and the losing teams did a Silver group.  Then two tournament rounds of the third and the fourth stages went on and the rankings from the first to the fourth of both Gold and Silver groups are as below.


〔Gold group〕

First prize:Paniki White(Indonesia)

Second prize:Shinsen Long Gang(China)

Third prize:Hong Kong Team Fifth(Hong Kong)

Fourth prize:Hong Kong Team First (Hong Kong)


〔Silver group〕

First prize:Team Salon(Hong Kong)

Second prize:Team Jia Xie He Mei (Chinese Taipei)

Third prize:Hong Kong Team Forth(Hong Kong)

Fourth prize:Team Jia Xie San Xing(Chinese Taipei)

Before the final tournament of the Gold group started, the players and referees were introduced. Left is Shinsen Long Gang(China), the right is Paniki White(Indonesia)

The winner of the Gold group, Paniki White(Indonesia)

Many teams consisting of young players from Indonesia and local Hong Kong were doing very well during this Championship.

Referees including young ones, from local Hong Kong were very efficient and contributed to the success of the championship.

Referees from Hong Kong lively proceeding with the final game of the Gold group