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International Gateball Championship Yunlin 2019(Chinese Taipei ) 

Venue : Dounan stadium
Date : 26 to 28 OCT 2019


International Gateball Championship Yunlin 2019 was held on 26-28 Oct 2019.This internationl championship is held by Chinese Taipei Gateball Association each year.
There were gateball players from Thailand, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia and Argentina coming to participate. 80 teams in Classic and 64 teams in Triples.
The opening ceremony and welcome party were held in the evening on 26 Oct, 19 of foreign teams paricipated in it and enjoyed the happy moments with local teams and referees.

Player oath

Ceremony photo

Group photo of Thai players at the ceremony

Group photo of Macau players at the ceremony

1st day-


Classic tournament was played on 27 Oct., 80 teams in 16 courts.
League matches: 5 teams for each court. The first team of each court participated in finals.
Finals: Play by knockout to decide the ranking.
The final was Kaohsiung Ta Cheng(KTC) v.s. Yunlin Gateball Committee(YGC). Team KTC consist of 7 players from Kaohsiung gateball committee. Two teams both have a good team work, in the end, KTC relied on steady stroking skill won the final match, the game ended with 12 to 8.
Awards were given to the final 8 teams.

Classic tournament

Hong Kong team

2nd day-


Triples tournament was played on 28 Oct., 64 teams in 16 courts.
League Matches: 4 teams for each court. The first and second teams of each court participate in finals.
Finals: Play by knockout: Play by knockout to decide the ranking.
The final two teams both are belong to Taichung Gateball Committee. It was well-matched in strength, the result was 9 : 10, Team TaChia won the final match.
Awards were given to the final 8 teams.

Hong Kong team and Thailand team

Korea team

The all players’ average age is 59.4 years old, the eldest player is 86 years old(from Taiwan team), the youngest player is 13 years old(from Hong kong team).


The result of Classic:
1st: Kaohsiung Ta Cheng (TPE)
2nd: Yunlin Gateball Committee(TPE)
3rd: Hsinchu Shanghuang(TPE) / Hualien Hsiulin A(TPE)
5th: Tainan Hsiangwang(TPE)/ Hsinchu shen(TPE)
Hsinchu county(TPE)/ Taipei union(TPE)


The result of Tripples:
1st:Taichung Ta Chia(TPE)
2nd:Taichung Gateball Committee(TPE)
3rd:Hong Kong ZONE C (HK) / Changhua (TPE)
5th:CHULWPN A (KOR) / Hsinchu Shanghuang A (TPE)
Hsinchu county A (TPE) / Nantou Gateball Committee (TPE)


Classic 1st: Kaohsiung Ta Cheng (TPE)

Tripples 1st:Taichung Ta Chia(TPE)