Let's Play Gateball

What's Gateball?

A Team Sport!

Gateball is a team sport. All team members enjoy playing together for a chance to win. Having one strong player in a team does not ensure victory. Instead, winning is only possible when all players in a team work with each other. It is very fun to play a game which is based on cooperation and friendly competition.

A Strategic Sport!

Gateball is not simply about competing to get the ball through the Gates. Strategies such as creating an advantage for a tem by combining Touches, in which the player’s ball comes into contact with another all, or playing the game while being aware how the opposing team’s game is progressing, or considering the relationship between the 10 balls, are all vital to the outcome of the game.

A Universal Sport!

Gateball is a universal sport because it can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age, gender, physical condition or language spoken.

Gateball isn’t a game in which players are constantly running or jumping. In this sport, the key move is to stroke the ball. So an eight-year-old girl and a 93 years old man can play in the same match either as team mates or rivals on opposing teams.

Gateball is also a sport in which both the able bodies and the disabled can compete together as team mates or as rivals. Many different sports are played around the world today but their tournaments tend to be separated by the athletes’ physical conditions such as the Olympics and the Paralympics Games. Gateball does not differentiate players by their abilities, characters, or conditions so that anyone can enjoy playing together.

What's Gateball?

Lesson1 ABC of the Basics-"A" ~ Lesson3 ABC of the Basics-"C"
Lesson1 ABC of the Basics-
Lesson2 ABC of the Basics- Lesson3 ABC of the Basics-
Lesson4 Basics of Strategy ~ Lesson5 Advanced Straregies
Lesson4 Basics of Strategy Lesson5 Advanced Straregies
Lesson6 Carrying Out a Strategy ~ Lesson7 Review
Lesson6 Carrying Out a Strategy Lesson7 Review
Lesson8 Variations on the Games
Lesson8 Variations on the Games